BMWcup to include Saloon, Coupe and Touring Body shapes for 2021

BMWcup - 2021 Press Release

The BMWcup was formed with the ethos to encourage budget racing on a level playing field resulting in close fair racing with novice and experienced drivers being able to compete, developing talent, with the chance of podiums.

Since it’s formation the 325ti compacts have been very impressive with the majority of the parts remaining standard and other parts needed were available at discounts from the suppliers and organisers. As time has moved on the values and availability of road cars has changed along with the cost of manufacturing. In spite of this the BMWcup has continued to strive to keep costs down.

As we approach 2021 the committee have looked at how to make the BMWcup class, within the BMW Car Club Racing championship, an ideal fit for new and existing drivers wanting to race and not have to open their chequebooks excessively. With this in mind some changes are being proposed to attract more drivers and reduce costs further for competitors.

The current structure was for the grid to be restricted to the E46 Compact 2.5 variant and use a set of control parts to maintain the level playing field. After discussions with existing and new drivers the following changes are being put forward for further discussion and if there are no objections from existing drivers then the 2021 regulations will be amended to include the following:

1. In addition to the E46 Compact other body shapes (Saloon, Coupe and Touring bodyshapes) will be permitted as long as all other BMWcup regulations are respected including the Minimum weight at the end of the race remaining at 1250kg (including fuel and driver)

2. All models allowed in the BMWcup will need to have fitted the appropriate B025 2.5 engine or the earlier B023 2.3 version with the correct approved ECU

3. The current permitted roll cages are the Custom Cage either bolt in or weld in. The cost of this has increased therefore in the spirit of the BMWcup another option cage is being agreed. To ensure consistency with the current cage the new cage option will still retain X door bars and X bars in the rear

In line with the ethos of the BMWcup registration fees will be reduced (in line with BMWCCR), with competitors retaining the options to build, buy or hire a BMWcup car. The single brand dry tyre is being kept to keep prices low.

Previous BMWcup winners have gone on to win the BMWCCR championship, its provides an ideal stepping stone but more importantly it’s been a fun way to go racing and make new friends without blowing fortunes. The changes proposed should make this easier and also give options to develop your car if you then want to move into Class 6 or an M Class in the future.

Contact Neil on either or for more info or check out where you can find out more about the championship, the cars and the regulations.

Current regulations and existing cars continue to be eligible - time to come and join the fun

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