Exciting rounds left to decide the 2016 winners - Snetterton and Silverstone

As we get close to the Snetterton date the leaderboard looks more interesting in terms of the BMWcup positions but also overall with Russell ad Kevin leading the rest currently - but its also close between 3rd, 4th and 5th with the chasing pack improving race on race in particular Paul Wood, Howard Marles and friends Simon and Karl

We will also welcome another new driver David Morris who will be hoping to compete with his friend Stephan who is currently in 3rd place - it truely getting exciting and very enjoyable for all involved

Dack, Russell 176

Denwood, Kevin 171

Card, James 169

Taylor, Oliver 166

Jansem, Stephane 153

MacIntyre-Ure, James 143

Wylie, Daniel 139

Wood, Paul 134

Ford, James 131

Marles, Howard 126

Walton, Max 124

Callari, Giuseppe 114

Cheverall, Chris 102

Bradburn, John 94

Lavender, Roger 85

Frost, Lee 83

Morgan-Owen, Darren 78

Griffin, Dave 75

Davidson, Robert 73

Alman, Rob 71

Gilbert, Adrian 70

Ezzat, Kal 69

Samways, Steve 67

Dimic, Zoran 59

Cannon, Jim 55

Cannon, James 54

Bristow, Darrell 53

Khera, Lucky 53

Baker, Simon 52

Anderson, Brian 48

Travers, Paul 47

Whitmore, Colin 42

Surdi, Dominic 41

Calado, Simon 40

West, Jason 38

Williams, 36

McMillan, Karl 35

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