Drive to move BMW Rallying forward

The BMWcarclub GB in association with existing BMW drivers have taken steps to move the BMWcup forward and encourage new and existing teams to combine into new and exciting BMW class's within the UK premier rally events. The MSA also like the idea and have approved and encouraged the steps taken so far. the feedback from drivers and organisers continues to be encouraging as it all moves forward quicky.

The idea to combine all the BMW drivers to make some new simple classes will include all the car new and old to participate together on the events and add further enjoyment and build on the growing numbers of BMW teams.

If you see the BMWcup Rallying page you will see more details and the classes - also the events planned for 2016.

A committee has been formed including drivers and navigators already competing and also MSA representatives and Competition Secretaries from different clubs including the BMWcarclub who will be the organising club going forward - for more information email

The great part of this is that all the current cars can come together with no added costs to the cars for 3 of the 4 classes - this is simple and easy and will be fun for all involved.

The events and dates are are per the link on the website and more will be added soon

Other information will be updated on the BMWcup Facebook page, The BMWCC forum and motorsport and rally forums as required

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