Jack Frost Stages report from CB

jack frost stages rally report Mike figg and chris brierley First time pair up for mike and chris First time out for the new engine in mikes well prepared BMW E30 2.5 turbo Christopher normally found in the silly seat with mark jones also a BMW Got up to darlington for scrutiny a little late due to the snowy conditions on the roads. Made a hasty retreat to the bar to warm up as it was bloody freezing. Were we met Terry martin and tim finch, it all went down hill from there, found terry wandering the halls of the premier inn unable to remember what room he was in or his name for that matter. Rally day First stage didn't go to plan a boost pipe blew off 1 mile in and cost a lot of time quick time calculation by chris and the decision was made to suffer with it for the stage as we would have lost more time taking a maximum and cutting route. Stage 2 much better and getting our eye in together learning each others ways Stage 3 to 6 much the same slowly increasing the pace Stage 7-8 tried much harder and the stage times showed as such mike drove superbly listened to directions perfectly A massive plus for the crew as they head into the north west stages got a finish on the car and have learned each others ways with the hope of doing much better on the north west

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