Remarkable Dack comes Back

Following his non finish in the second race at Brands noone but those who really knew him could imagine Russell Dack and his team would be on the starting grid at Silverstone on the 20th Sepetemeber

In 2 weeks they stripped the damaged car and tranferred all the parts including the new bolt in Custom Cage that was undamaged following the collision.

They apologised for not having time to paint the car but had used the doors and boot off the old car to save time - considering that they all have day jobs this was remarkable to see him out testing on the Friday before with the Kumho BMW and BMWcup all in place

Then to follow up with a second in the first race and a great battle in the second to take a win we can safely say he is back and looking forward in taking part in the BMWcup Birkett 6 hour team

Come and support him, James, Wayne and Paul attemp to win another trophy to finish off the year

24th October be there and meet the drivers and enjoy some hospitality

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