Camplin Strikes again at Silverstone

Steve Camplin joined the BMWcup team at Silverstone and he was out to have another enjoyable day.

There is never a dull moment with Steve in the paddock and everyone enjoys his banter - so far !

Due to the return of James Rees who missed the Brands Hatch race, we suggested a switch to the BMWcup rally car that had been successful at recent Promenade Stages Rally.

After a quick briefing and explaining some of the differences in the cars credit to Steve he set of happy knowing he potentially had a quicker car, but it was not made clear how good the brakes were so luckily the harness held him in his seat - good brakes is not a bad complaint.

He went on to have a good solid finsh in race one so he was up the grid and ready for race 2 - it appears he had a clutch issue in race 2 but still brought the car home and came away with the invitation award. Once we remove the clutch we will discover the issue and then he can decide who to blame. It was enjoyable weekend with good results from new and experienced drivers.

It was fun to have him join us again and hope he will join us more regularly next year

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