BMWcup Rally Car completes first event

Friday and Saturday saw the Promenade Satages Tarmac Rally - a brilliant event and an ideal first event to test the BMWcup Rally Car - a steep learning curve for a new team, parts to test and lots of new and old friends to meet

Following Scruitinnering and signing on Friday afternoon all was ready for the evening night stages ....its been a long time since the driver had done a night stage as its always a challenge to see the apex on some corners.

The car made it through the stages with no issues and reseeding would follow before the 10 Saturday stages

It couldnt have been that bad as it was now placed between a Mitsubishi Evo, and a Sierra with a V8 engine so it could be interesting we thought

The concern before the rally was that the LSD unit was still in the design stage as it was being developed fresh for the compact cases so the handling with a resurfaced promenade was going to be a challenge - despite some understeer monents and getting lucky with kissing a few curbs it was all good but will be a lot quicker when the LSD unit is fitted soon.

Out of 95 starters the car finsihed a creditable 50th overall - not too bad for a first event and plenty to information to base a better spec for the Rally car - it may have a touch less power but handling will improve and plans are already underway to reduce weight

Lots of BMWs on the event but only 1 E46 - plans are advanced to change this for next year

Group Shot

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