Driving Standards MSA BLUE BOOK REGULATION C 1.1.5


“Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety, or departing from the standard of a reasonably competent Driver” will be considered to be in breach of the regulations.

The BMWcup interpretation will be that this precludes competitors from blocking, weaving, squeezing, making unnecessary contact and generally driving in a manner which causes avoidable damage. This will include deliberately driving outside the limits of the track tarmac and kerbs.

By registering for the BMWcup you agree to be governed by the guidelines . You must accept that, if penalised, there is no higher authority to which you can appeal; and therefore no way of reducing or escaping the penalties applied. The Committee is determined to see that these regulations are enforced for the benefit of the drivers competing in the series and observed by those running and racing in the series.

Working with meeting organisers track incidents will be investigated, whether triggered by judicial action initiated by the Clerk of the Course, by competitor complaint, or by independent observation notwithstanding that the Clerk of the Course may already have imposed a penalty under MSA Regulations.  It is a requirement that all drivers offer and have available to others video evidence of each race for up to 7 days following any incident.

The organisers are empowered to call a competitor to investigate any incident and may supplement their own investigations by the use of track observers reports, where available and deemed appropriate by the Clerk of the Course, at the event in question. They are empowered to apply penalties in three categories.


1) Driving in a manner which is considered careless  - to be penalised by written warning. Two written warnings in six races will cause a yellow card to be issued.


2) Driving in a manner which is considered reckless  - to be penalised by the issuing of a yellow card. Two yellow cards in six races will cause a red card to be issued.


3) Driving in a manner which is considered dangerous  - to be penalised by the issuing of a red card.


4) Refusal to co-operate with officials will result in the issuing of a red card


5) If a driver is fully outside the track limits and rejoins in a manner that causes another competitor to take avoiding action, the offending (rejoining) driver will receive an automatic yellow card.


6) If, when rejoining, any contact results, including that caused by consequential avoidance, the offending driver will receive an automatic red card. If you leave the track limits under any circumstances, you are obligated to return in a controlled and safe manner with absolute regard and respect for those who are still on the racing surface. You are NOT entitled to try and maintain the position you previously held


 7) A red card will cause the suspension of membership for a period of two races (1 weekend ), a further red car would be a minimum of  2  race weekends or exclusion for the remainder of the year


 9) Each penalty will have a shelf life of six races, with a maximum of 2 races counting per race weekend. The six races count from:- i) the date that the penalty is applied in the case of a written warning or yellow card. ii) the date membership is reinstated in the case of a red card turning into a yellow. After this period, the penalty will not be used for the purposes of totting up.


10) Suspension of  membership will mean that the competitor is ineligible to compete in any BMWcup races during the period of suspension.


EVERY driver must have a GOPro camera mounted forward facing and be on at every race - this should be made available when asked for - failure to do so may result in a warning