Car Preperation

All cars are prep'd according to the MSA Blue book with a number of controlled parts specifically for the BMWcup.


Discounts have been agreed and negotiated and are available to registered drivers


Parts costs are listed in the parts list but these deals are only for the registered drivers


Many of the parts are specific to the series like the cage and suspension but every part to make your car to the regulations is available 


We want to encourage you to take part not take your money


There is a desire to minimise or discourage cheque book racing - this is not the series if you want to spend lots of money to try and win a £20 trophy 

The deals are the same for all drivers and are only available to drivers who compete 


These are real discounts and deals no hidden expenses or a route to get your money - its does sound too good to be true


Based on the deals we have negotiated with suppliers and manufacturers the only compulsory parts on the list if you choose to use the original equipment parts come to a figure of around £1800 - working on the basis of the weld in cage rather than bolt in and suspension as we dont believe anyone will decide to run the original dampers

The suggested minimum on parts will include the upgraded Eibach springs, K-Mac front top mounts, Superpro bush kit, and EBC brakes that will take you up to £3000 +vat


Once you add the seat, harness, extinguisher and all the small extras and service items sensibly you are looking at £5000 - some of the cars out there are on track including the cost of the donor car but not allowing for labour


Whilst many original parts are allowed - any upgrade on standard needs to be from the build lists but at a subsidised discount 

All cars run a 1250kg minimum weight, checked at the end of a race and/or session with the driver and fuel in the car

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