BMWcup Rally Plans


After talks with experienced competitors the MSA and also the official BMWcarclub GB, the BMWcup Rally series was launched in 2016 with a small committee that included current competitors and respected officials to discuss ways we can further improve rallying for the BMWs out there now and how it can further improved - this will also be in association with the BMWcarclub GB and be recognised by the club ongoing as we strive to develop the sport for all competitors and teams ongoing to make the sport accessible and enjoyable to all who wish to take part.

The Rally part of the BMWcup has been made open to all the different BMWs out there rallying now to form a series that will include all drivers and cars of all ages types so they can all compete together and enjoy the event even more than before - with additional classes specifically for the BMW models they can now compete in the standard event class but also an all BMW class.  The Cup class cars will be the specific 325ti cars as per the race series so drivers can see the cars compete and enjoy the day with like minded and experienced teams who will be happy to help - this will grow as the series develops


For 2016-17 a mixture of the BMW cars out there already competing in current spec to prevent any extra costs or controls but also allow the development of the BMWcup class as interest grows and driver input on the regulations to work for new and existing drivers.  We believe that all BMWs will be included in this and none excluded - all we will ask is that they become members of the BMW GB and MSA approved car club.


Please come to the stand in hall 19 - 19540 to discuss any issues or concerns 


The classes for 2016 will be as below (these may be revised for 2017 depending on the types and power of cars that compete in 2016 - so a proposed M class is a possible based on numbers) - so that the more powerful cars are kept apart from some of the more basic or cheaper models and also there is a place for the classics.


Class 1    - 2501-3000cc 

Class 2    - 1895-2500cc

Cup Class - E46 325ti as per regulations

Classic     - pre 91 


Class 1 and 2 - will be as per existing regulations these cars currently run but they will run with the other BMW cars and recognised by the BMWCC


The Cup Class - will be using the BMWcup race car as basis and after testing with more power and bigger brakes currently its been decided that the original equipment and standard power from the 325ti is fit for current use - the addition of a gripper LSD will be allowed on safety grounds but you can keep the open diff if you prefer (only safety and main performance parts will be controlled for 2016-17) - this means that the BMWcup race cars would only need the the mandatory MSA requirements (seat, harness, hand held extinguisher, sumguard and mudflaps so it can obtain a rally logbook)


Classic - Models that retain original engines will include E10 2002, E21, E30 models


Points for these classes in 2016 will be awarded to the first 5 finishers (6 for first in class to 2 for 5th - all other starters will be awarded 1 point)


All entrants will need to observe relevant MSA regulations and also be members of a club recognised by the ANWCC or AEMC - and have the BMWCC decal fixed to their car.


Further events for 2016 are in discussion and we will be looking add these based on growing interest so we can easily add to regulations and further develop our calendar for future years - some of the events being considered are spread throughout the UK so we would like to consider attendance figures before commiting further time and resources.


Registration days:

- Autosport 14th-17th Jan - stand 19650

- North West Stages - 5th Feb - at Signing on


Stage Rallies

- Dukeries - Donnington - March 2017

- Enville Stages - (Warrington MC) TBC

- Promenade Stages - New Brighton - Sep 2017 (Wallasey MC)

- Glyn Memorial - Angelsey -TBC

- Rockingham Stages - Rockingham circuit - Dec 2017

- Snetterton Stages - 19th Feb 2017


And also a non points round for those already experienced or wanting to try pacenotes

- Manx Rally - 6th and 7th May 


Further ANWCC events are listed here


Note: BMWcup class - We have previously entered a converted and modified car and this is the reason it has been decided to control modifications and costs to help drivers further - this car as it had a more powerful engine will no longer fit the 325ti regulations for 2016 and will have to run in class 1 - we will continue with the input from the committee and competitors to work on getting further cost savings as numbers grow


We need drivers to commit to the idea by sharing name, contact details (tel@email), motor club and car details so we can email information - please email Neil or Chris

Closed to club championship and reduced membership of the BMWcarclub GB for competition licence holders 


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Membership - BMWCC

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Regulations - Neil McDonald