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BMWcup Car

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BMWcup races as part of the BMW Car Club Racing Championship. BMWCCR is only BMW race championship affiliated with BMW Car Club GB. The Championship includes 5 classes M1, M2, T1, Class 6 and BMWcup. BMWCCR provides high quality, affordable and competitive racing to suit a variety of budgets and preferences from the high powered M3's and 1 series V8's through to the 325ti compacts.


The original basis of the BMWcup class is to provide close, enjoyable and competitive racing, on a controlled budget, so all the drivers, friends and family have a good time and go home with a smile on their faces.











The race cars are based on the BMW E46 - with the standard M54 2.5 litre straight six engine, 5 speed gearbox, standard ECU and standard open differential. 

Each car is built using the same controlled mandatory parts with a min weight of 1250kgs (including driver) to keep the cars as closely matched as possible and the racing competitive.

Detailed regulations can be found here and specifications are available upon request by email or just call for a chat